Tainted Glass pt. 8 – Takoda Poindexter


Meagan’s breath grew sharp as she waited outside for Dom. As she waited she watched George get into his car, followed by Timothy on the passenger’s side.

What is with those two? One minute they’re arguing, then the next they are smiling at each other. Are they…dating? No, George told me he was straight, but he hasn’t had a girlfriend in two years. I can’t be jumping to conclusions, he told me about Kat. What she had did to him was awful…she humiliated him on Christmas break. He had bought her a necklace; a golden hourglass with the letter ‘G’ on the top and ‘K’ on the bottom. When he went over to her house to give it to her, he discovered another guy was there and he caught them kissing on the couch.

If we had been friends then…I think I would have locked her in a freezer and let her die from hypothermia. George deserves happiness, but he is never happy. He only acts like everything is perfect.

“Thanks for waiting for me. Are you ready to go?” Dom appeared beside her, causing her thought to disappear into thin air.

“Oh, of course!” She glanced at George’s car just in time to see George’s mouth moving with exasperation. If it hadn’t been for the street lamp, all she would have seen were two blackened silhouettes moving agitatedly.

Meagan followed Dom to his car. She opened the door slowly, and a fresh pine scent wafted through her nostrils. It reminded her of the refreshing scents of the Appalachian Trail, where she spent a lot of time clearing her head. She sat down awkwardly, dusting off her dress pants. Dom still hadn’t talk, and Meagan could feel herself growing more anxious.

Dom lowered the volume on the radio and asked, “What kind of music do you listen to?”

“I usually listen to Killswitch, Red, and Skillet,” she replied.

“Oh, so you’re more hardcore. I have a few Skillet songs, but I’m more of a country guy, even though I might not look it.” Dom pressed track two and turned the volume up as they drove across the street to Sweet Frog.

Meagan still felt nervous in the car as they pulled into a parking spot. “No one has ever asked me to go anywhere with them before. I honestly don’t get out much.” She blurted out truthfully.

“Well, it’s my pleasure to take you out tonight!” As if on cue, he got out of the car and moved around to her side, opening the door as if they were on an actual date.

They entered the frozen yogurt shop. Both of them picked out two large cups and began filling them to the brim. Meagan swirled the whipped cream on top, and then added sprinkles.

“Oh, I’ll pay for yours! It’ll be nothing.” Dom placed both of the cups on the scale as he paid for it.

Meagan didn’t know what to think. She was fiercely independent, and had never received attentions like this from a guy. She didn’t want him to think she was weak, but she really liked the way he was taking charge.

Meagan couldn’t hold in her blushing face any longer. It turned burned bright red as she gushed, “Thank you.”

Dom smiled and winked at her. He picked out a table in the corner, and they sat down with their large bowls of frozen yogurt.

“So, Meagan, which college were you thinking about going to?” He stared into her milk chocolate eyes as he took the first bite from his cup.

“I want to be a computer engineer, but I have no idea where I want to go for college…what about you?” Meagan took her first bite. She knew about herself. She wanted to know more about him.

Dom stared down at his melting yogurt as he spoke. “I haven’t decided yet. I wanted to be a doctor, but I can’t handle blood well; my stomach gets queasy. I was hoping this job would somehow make the decision for me, and yet here I am still contemplating.” He raised his hopeful eyes up to her as he smiled.

Meagan took a deep breath as she finally summoned the courage to ask, “Why do you have your eyes set on me? I don’t consider myself the “pretty” type.”

Dom chuckled with disagreement. “You’re hysterical, smart, and easy to talk to. I know you’re probably thinking that I’m just looking for an easy score, but I’m not like that. I want to see what is truly inside the person.”

Meagan was completely taken aback as if an arrow from cupid shot into her heart.

He really seems to want to know who I am on the inside, rather than just focusing on the outside. It’s nice. The outside is the only thing the other guys focus on. I know I told him friendship, but he’s really making it hard to want to be just friends. I doubt he knows I’m crushing on him…

“I have a confession…I actually have had a crush on you since I started working at Kroger’s, but I have a hard time expressing my feelings to people I care about.” Meagan’s eyes dropped slowly. She couldn’t stare into his eyes. She was afraid that he would think she was coming on too strong.

“So, if you have a crush on me, and I have a crush on you, what does that mean? I mean, I could take you out some time and buy you dinner, but only if you’re comfortable with that. I just think we need to get to know each other more beforehand.”

Meagan raised her eyes up to see him ruffle his hair with uneasily.

“Well, I do think we should get to know each other more, but going out on a date? What if it doesn’t work out? Wouldn’t that affect our friendship? Then again, part of me wants to try it. Do you think we can get to know each other first?”

Dom nodded in agreement. “Of course! We can start tonight. Let’s play twenty questions. What is your favorite movie?”

Meagan grinned, “Star Trek: The Voyage Home.” She searched her mind for something deep and probing to ask him, but all she could focus on was his smile.


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