Emotionless Robots — Architecture of the World

Walking from work today, maybe for the thousand time; passing frequently the same bus station where I always saw this old lady that was selling flowers. Now she didn’t have a stand or something, she was just laying there, sitting on some steps, waiting to make an honest amount of money. In my mind, I would have loved to buy some flowers only knowing I might do a good deed. But has that ever happened? No! Every time I passed to that station, I felt like a squeezing in my heart, a lost of breath, shame (just like in GOT). I was and still am a damn coward. I could at least empathize with her but I would rather keep my earphones, increase the volume of music, vanish with my tail between my legs.

But today, a chilly October, I was mesmerized. There was this young girl, holding her hand and chatting with her. The granny literally was flooded  with tears of joy and not even a bag of money would have had the power to spark so much lightness. “Faith in humanity restored”! I take a bow to you, stranger, whoever you are. Some minutes of you life were not wasted but rather invested into bringing a smile to humble human being.

This is the moment where I realized that we are Emotionless Robots. Yes, we are thought that suppressing our emotions will lead us to a successful future because nowadays if you do the opposite, airbreathers will feast upon what is known as a weakness: showing emotion.

We always blame time, we don`t have time for that or for that, this resulting in our brains prioritizing our tasks, prioritizing at least a certain percentage of bull shit. We are caught in this devil’s den, a structure containing all the selfishness acts we feed upon. Towards others: Love? – Lost; Empathy? – Almost inexistent; Helping? – No chance in hell;

The grueling part is that a high-level artificial intelligence algorithm would be a step forward. At least it could be programmed to fell and share emotions, something we have a deficiency for. It`s ironic how we, as humans, are turning into robots while scientist are working on converting robots to humans.

Ignoring the noise whilst being amputated of the possibility to perceive the signal. Constantly, the ability that makes us human will remain a page in the history books for the hybrids that will inherit this planet. Soulless robots we have become.

Criminals, yes, a lousy bunch of emotion criminals is the trait we are getting more and more used to. We allow society to fuck us in the brain, the herd effect pushing us to act only like doers and not like thinkers. But the biggest crime of them all is that we are knowingly… repeat doing it. There is this switch that overwrites consciousness (or what is left of it), that is forgotten to be ON!

If we can only translate some of the passion for things we love towards emotions that we are on the edge of losing!

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Picture from Emotionless

via Emotionless Robots — Architecture of the World


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