Flash Fiction: The Writer (For Writers) — A.M.Bradley


Once upon a time, in an isolated shack in the woods, lived a writer. However, she didn’t live alone. She lived with her two friends: self-doubt and fear.

Every time the writer wanted to leave the shack, self-doubt said, “You can’t leave, you know you won’t make it out there. You’re not good enough.”

Then fear would say, “What if you get rejected? What if readers don’t like your work? It’s best to stay here.”

The writer would then sigh in defeat and sit down. When the writer slept, she would dream of new worlds, magic, and characters. Over time, the writer would be overwhelmed with ideas.

One day, the writer got up and said, “Enough! I want to leave. If I don’t take a risk, then I’ll always be stuck isolated and alone, with nothing but my ideas.”

Self-doubt jumped up and started to speak, but the writer cut him off with a wave of the hand.

Then fear parted his lips, but no words came out. As he stared at the writer, only narrowed eyes greeted him.

Fear and self-doubt both sighed. Then as they stared at the writer, they both faded away.

The writer had finally decided to take a risk; for if a writer doesn’t write and share their story, it will never be told.

 A/N: The moral of the story kids lol I mean fellow writers, is to take risks^^ If that one story doesn’t do well, write another one. If you didn’t finish that old manuscript that’s stuck on your floppy disk, then think of a new story to write. 

Also, I wrote this while I was walking around San Francisco. 

As writers, we need to take risks, “for if a writer doesn’t write and share their story, it will never be told.”


I hope you enjoyed my little story! Have a great day, everyone =) I’ll respond to comments soon!

via Flash Fiction: The Writer (For Writers) — A.M.Bradley


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