12 Difficult Things You Need To Accept About Being A Writer #AmWriting #Writer — BlondeWriteMore


Here are some difficult things about being a writer, which are hard to accept and may cause you to take a few solitary walks in the rain:

  1. Being a writer can involve years of thankless work. No one is going to thank you for putting in the extra hours to write or edit.
  2. Good writing doesn’t just appear on the page one day. You have to keep revising, refining and massaging your manuscript.
  3. Some of your work might never see the light of day.
  4. You will struggle to enjoy reading a book as your writer brain will be busy dissecting every scene, character, opening chapter and ending.
  5. You will get to meet some great people and some you might even fall in love with. The problem with this is they only exist inside your head.
  6. You will be forced to shelve manuscripts that you will have spent months working on.
  7. Rejections and criticism will make you cry, even though you will tell the outside that you have a thick skin.
  8. Literary success might take years (if it ever happens!)
  9. Loved ones, family members or good friends might not like what you write.
  10. You will become obsessed over tiny things like sentences and word sequences.
  11. You will constantly compare your writing to the work of other writers and successful authors.
  12. Being a writer is NOTHING like the I wannabe a writer daydream!


After all this, there is only one thing I want to say.

I don’t know about you but….


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