Tainted Glass pt. 5 – Takoda Poindexter


Meagan laid on her bed. Her thoughts were swirling in madness.

George was extremely paranoid and hesitant yesterday. More than usual. What is up with him? Maybe I should text him?

Meagan searched for George’s name in her contact list and began typing, her thumbs tapping away with ease.

George, I know we haven’t texted since Physics class, but I wanted to make sure you’re fine. I wanted us to catch up when everyone left, but you seemed…distant.

She laid back and thought about it. After George had returned from his lunch, he had barely spoken a word to her. She had tried to make him laugh, had tried to introduce him to Becca and Hannah before they left, but he hadn’t responded to any of her efforts. Why had he acted so weirdly?

Meagan watched the yellow neon stars on her ceiling, studying each one, and noticed one flickered as her phone buzzed with a notification. She checked the message and saw that it wasn’t from George. Her heart melted into her stomach and her sea blue eyes sparkled with excitement. When she had started working at Kroger a few months earlier, she had met the sweetest guy who would help her stock, bag, and would listen to what she wanted to do with her life. Dom was at least two years older than her. She never imagined he’d be interested in her.

Meagan, I was wondering if tomorrow you wanted to go get Froyo after work. We both get off at 8, but only if you’re okay with it. I know it would look bad if we were seen together because of the policy, but I can’t resist! You’re easy to talk to!

“The hottest guy in my department wants to go on a date with me…” she whispered to herself dumbfounded-ly. She was flattered.

Dom, is this your way of asking me on a date? I’m flattered, but I will only go with you as friends. You understand, right?

Meagan sent the message satisfied with her reply. She didn’t know him well enough to go on a date, and she didn’t love him. She knew it was only a simple crush. Her cheeks reddened in the nearly blackened room as she heard the buzz of her phone:

…of course, as friends! Just wait for me after work, goodnight sweet dreams.

She plugged in her earphones and began listening to Red, a screamo band. She fell asleep to the rhythm of the drum and the thumping of her heart.

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