Writer’s Life: the Book Signing — Margaretha Montagu’s Workshops

I am supposed to do a book signing in a couple of week’s time. I have never done this before and I have to admit, the idea scares the living daylights out of me. Do people actually realise that I am not a REAL writer? That I am mainly writing these books to spread the word about our mindfulness meditation workshops?

Okay, that is not the whole truth. One of the reasons I host these workshops is because I believe that mindfulness and meditation are very powerful stress-busting techniques that can help people avoid the physical and mental damage that stress can cause. Another reason, the main reason really, is because I want to empower women to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives, full of purpose and meaning, with the help of my horses. My books contain the information I share with our workshop participants, so with a bit of luck, my readers will find my books empowering too.

So far, I have had to ask people to review French Women’s Confidence Secrets, but I am now starting to receive unsolicited reviews. One has made my heart sing: “I’ve been following Margaretha’s blog since she first started blogging. When I saw her new book, I was intrigued, and naturally I had to read it. I was not disappointed. The book is outmost interesting. I would go as far as claiming at not only does it have the potential to help women of all ages to feel better about themselves, but could also be of interest for any compassionate man that has an important woman in his life. Read it!” Maria Jansson.

Even NaNoWriMo discriminates against me: I write non-fiction and even though there is a forum on NaNoWriMo for non-fiction writers called NaNoWriMo Rebels, I very much doubt that a non-fiction book will ever win a NaNoWriMo category. I am doing it anyway, because I enjoy meeting other writers and because I feel inspired and motivated to write in the company of so many others. I have managed, so far, to write 38 961 words of my third book,  Mindfulness and Meditation in France, so I am very glad I joined. Only 11 039 words to go.

I have a couple of problems with the French Women’s Confidence Secrets book signing. Firstly, the books that I have to sign, have not arrived yet. Admittedly, this is deepest, rural France, and international packages can take between four and six weeks to get here, but time is running out and I am getting a bit worried. Secondly, I thought it would be a great idea to put an author’s bookmark, introducing my Mindfulness and Meditation book, in each of the books I signed. So I went to Vistaprint.com and spent three days designing the PERFECT bookmark. I made sure that they deliver to France, as their .fr site and even their .co.uk site do not stock bookmarks. Only to find out, at the last minute, that they can not “at this time” send bookmarks to France. I was SO mad.

I have made flyers instead, at twice the expense, not at all what I had wanted, but better than nothing. Here are the proofs. What do you think?

fly1 fly2

Obviously, I am rather hoping that these will get here in time for the book signing too!

Nothing that happens to a writer, however happy, however tragic, is ever wasted. PD James


via Writer’s Life: the Book Signing — Margaretha Montagu’s Workshops


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