Tainted Glass pt. 1 – Takoda Poindexter



The milky, pale moon illuminated two colliding vehicles as metal screeched through the bending trees. The airbags deployed hitting both James and George. George began to hyperventilate as he unbuckled his seat belt, fidgeting as he hopped out of the truck and examined the other vehicle.

“Look, look at the glass, James!” George pointed at the windshield of the other vehicle.

“Calm down, George. Take deep breaths and tell me what you see. I can’t see well in

the dark.” James tilted his head groggily out the window.

“It’s blood! There’s blood on the windshield, James! We are dead meat!” George answered, yelling.

James cleared his throat and answered solemnly, “No one is around us. We are the only witnesses. No one will know we were here, so get in the car before I leave you here for to deal with the cops!”

George pointed off into the forest, “A deer saw us!” George began to turn pale and sweaty as he stared back into the truck at James. “Why did I let you talk me into going to Becca’s party? I’m not a drinker. I don’t even go to parties!”

James started the engine, and then glared down at George. “You have five seconds to get back in or-”

George’s eyes became wide with terror, “The glass is a spider web!” He scrambled back into the truck. “Maybe the cops will determine that they plowed into a deer. I told you to let me drive! I’m sober!”

James put one hand on the steering wheel and put the other on his temple. “You won’t be sober for long if you do not pipe down! I need to think! My dad will murder me if he finds out about the busted headlight and the dent in the front.”

“I think you should tell him the truth, but you’ll never do that. The second option is to tell him that a deer came from out of the blue and slammed into your car. He’d believe that! As for going to the party, I haven’t got the slightest clue as to what you should tell him,” George replied distantly, as he stared out the window and watched the trees roll by.

James slapped the steering wheel abruptly. “I’ve got it George!”

“Stop! There’s a stop sign, you’re going to run a stop sign! Urggh-”

James slammed on the brakes and the screech of the tires broke through the night. “Sorry, but hear me out! I’ll convince him that I went to your house to study for the Anatomy final. Then, due to too many distractions, we went to the library until it closed. When I was dropping you off, that’s when everything went crazy. How does that sound?”

“Well, it’s believable…but…I-I don’t know if I can go through with it,” George stammered, staring at the floor board.

“George, if you don’t go through with it and I get busted for it, I’m going to break your face!” James threatened as he dug his fingernails into the leather steering wheel.

“This will be the last time I help you, James!” George spat, even as he bowed his head in resignation to James’ plan.

To Be Continued…


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