Why & How I Tab Books — arctic books


I recently got asked on Instagram about why and how I tab books, and as per @emhdejong‘s request, here’s why and how I tab books!


I usually tab books to mark different aspects of a book, such as romance and quotes that I like. I always tab books that I personally request from publishers, such as THE MIDNIGHT STAR and CARAVAL (although I haven’t read it yet, I’m planning to!). I sometimes tab books that have a lot of hype, such as SIX OF CROWS and A COURT OF MIST AND FURY.


I use little Post-It notes or sometimes a pad of pre-cut tabs to mark aspects of a book. I have four primarily colors, but you can obviously use more than that number! Here’s my key:

  • orange: quotes I particularly like
  • blue: funny/quirky lines
  • pink: romantic scenes/quotes
  • yellow: discussion-worthy quotes/events


You can do whatever you would like to those tabs! You can write little notes on them since they’re Post-Its, change up the colors, etc! It’s really all up to you!

Do you tab books? What do you use to tab? Comment below with your thoughts!

via Why & How I Tab Books — arctic books


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