Frank’s Lemonade – Part 16


The old banker came across the street and started picking up garbage to help out as Mr. and Mrs. Goode and Frank came out to start cleaning up. “I’ll help you buy those toys, it’s too much for one person,” said the banker.

“No, it will be okay, but thanks for offering and thanks for helping Frank,” said Mr. Goode.

The old banker looked around at the mess that had been left by the protesters and concluded, “With all of the effort they put into trying to stop you, they could have just as easily started their own little business’ and gotten their own toys.”

They worked quietly without anyone saying anything else. They picked up trash and anything else that had been knocked over, and fixed what had been broken. They filled eight trash bags full of paper and plastic, used cups, and even broken toys. They swept up the sidewalk where the parents had left trash, too. When all was clean they thanked the old banker, who walked solemnly back to his home across the street. Mr. Goode looked at his wife sadly and asked, “Why don’t you take Frank inside to clean up for dinner?”

She nodded knowingly and put her arm on Frank’s back and led him into the house. Mr. Goode picked up a hammer from the garage and started to disassemble the lemonade stand. It was over. The dream was dead and taking the stand down was the last insult to the long line of injuries. He reached up with the hammer and with the back side claws he pulled out the first nail holding the top of the sign to the stand. A tear fell from his eye. He pulled the lower nail. Then, while holding the sign with his left hand, he reached around and pulled the nails and brought down the sign entirely. Another tear. As each nail and each piece of wood came out another tear drop would fall, cascade down his cheek, and onto the ground below where it would mix with the dust before it disappeared.

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