Frank’s Lemonade – Part 8


Over the next two weeks he worked hard but wasn’t making as much money. He wondered if people had gotten tired of his juice, so he started thinking of ways to make another kind using the same ingredients so he wouldn’t have to buy extra supplies.

After getting his new airplane to replace the one he had given the Anderson boy, he bought himself a couple of other small toys, keeping in mind that he was trying to save money. Then he made a list of what he thought the other kids might like to have. When he looked at the list he realized it would take him years to save enough money to get all of those, so he looked for cheaper versions of those toys, and other simple toys like balls and bats and things he thought might make good replacements. He listened when he could to how the other kids talked to see if he could hear things they liked to do, and included those ideas on his list. He wanted it to be a surprise, so he couldn’t ask them. He would, however, ask them if they wanted to help out at his stand. As always, they said no, as if he was crazy.

He would also ask them if they wanted to play, but it was as if they had all gotten together and made a pact not to play with him. Sure they would play nearby, but never in his yard, never with him. After a while he was able to gather enough money to buy toys for all of the kids in his neighborhood. Mr. and Mrs. Goode contacted all of the parents and asked them to bring their kids to their yard at 5 o’clock on Friday so Frank could hand out the toys all at once. Everyone showed up, and when Frank opened up the box full of toys they were all surprised.

“I know some of you were angry at me when I got the model airplane and I felt bad that you were angry. I know sometimes it’s hard to get money to get the things you want, so I bought you all some toys with the money I earned from my lemonade stand.”

Some of the children seemed genuinely happy at first, but some of the kids seemed to get even angrier. The biggest boy in the group pushed forward and started going through the box.

“All of these toys are garbage,” he said angrily. “I don’t see any remote controlled planes.”

“Well, I couldn’t afford to get everyone planes,” said Frank, “I did the best I could with the money I earned.”

“Well it’s not good enough!” The big boy looked like he was going to start a fight. “I want a model airplane, so you are just going to have to do better! You are the one kid on this block with any money, and you have to share. You have to do your fair share, so that the rest of us can have the same kinds of toys you have.”

“But it could take me years to make that much money,” exclaimed Frank almost desperately.

“He is just trying to buy our friendship, that’s all,” said another boy.

“We are not for sale,” a third child spoke up.

“So…you don’t…want the toys?” Frank asked.

The other children who seemed appreciative of the toys looked at the big boy in fear. It was as if he had spoken the law and they wouldn’t be able to keep the new toys. The parents of all of the children stood by the sidewalk talking quietly between each other, but didn’t really seem like they wanted to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Goode.

The big boy, who was called Big Al, looked at his best friend named Jessie and then answered. “Sure, we’ll allow the other kids to take your crappy toys, but I still want a remote controlled airplane and I expect you to get it.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” said Frank reluctantly.

Big Al and Jessie were the bullies on the block. They always seemed to find a way to intimidate the other kids into doing things their way, even if it was wrong. Somehow no one ever seemed to hold them accountable for what they did, not even their parents…

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