Writing Break 1/31 – Norway

Get lost in the majesty of this Scandinavian nation...The scenery alone is enough to stir up that inspiration within you There are 18 stretches of road in Norway so spectacular they have been designated National Tourist Routes. One of those is road 889 to Havøysund. Despite living in Finnmark until I moved south to start my … Continue reading Writing Break 1/31 – Norway



I’ve browsed a lot of poetry and flash fiction over the last few months. Often the writing is sound grammatically, with an interesting plot to go with it. Yet, as soon as I see a cliche, in all it’s vulgarity, I’m chucked, head-first, out of the narrative. It always stuns me. Cliche is so easy to … Continue reading ON AVOIDING CLICHÉ — Seal Matches

Beautiful Books – An attempt to talk about my WIP — Drizzle & Hurricane Books

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, friends! How are you ? I hope you had a lovely weekend so far. Today is supposed to be discussion day, but I just got back from a two-days getaway with my sister, and I thought that I could do something a bit different…I hope you’ll enjoy it ! … Continue reading Beautiful Books – An attempt to talk about my WIP — Drizzle & Hurricane Books

On Writing Styles — Asha’s Blog

Let me tell you something. As a kid, I wasn’t particularly fussy, but yet someone with peculiar tastes. God bless my mother, how she put up with my myriad moods is mystery to me.  It was many years later that I was going to learn about Wilde’s popular and my mantra for life – Be … Continue reading On Writing Styles — Asha’s Blog

Lipstick — themagicblackbook

I went to your funeral yesterday. It was a showy affair, with your name spelled out in flowers and everyone you’ve ever met lining the streets, dressed in black, weeping as the cortege crept up the hill. Your family were glad to see me. Your friends told me that I looked great. I stayed away from your girlfriend, … Continue reading Lipstick — themagicblackbook

Dayspring — writing in north norfolk

  I stride along a frostbound road, eager to watch the dawn unfold these creased and crumpled fields; hasten due east, towards the tight crack of the horizon squeezing out a gorgeous blood red sun, a genesis – a birth at the very edge of earth. Kim M. Russell, 2017  Photograph by David Russell My … Continue reading Dayspring — writing in north norfolk

9 Hot Trends In Publishing In 2017 — Nicholas C. Rossis

Written World Media, one of my favorite sources of information on publishing, published earlier this month a post on the trends that will define our industry in 2017 (if you don’t subscribe to its newsletter, you should; it’s free, comes out only once or twice a month, and is filled with tips, tricks, and industry … Continue reading 9 Hot Trends In Publishing In 2017 — Nicholas C. Rossis