5day10k – Week of 12/12-12/16 Murder Mystery/Police Drama


A dark night. A lone shadow. The sound of broken glass, followed by a creaking footstep. As the clock strikes midnight a terrified scream pierces the night. The next morning only a corpse remains to tell the tale.

This week’s 5day10k theme is Murder Mystery/Police Drama. The plots are as limitless as the depravity of human nature. Whether ripped from the headlines or exploring the darkest parts of your soul, only you will know the twisting turning plot lines that lead your reader to the grisly truth.


The crime scene tape is up, only YOU can take your reader to the other side. Determine the means, motive, and opportunity, but do it quickly. We have to close this case by Friday.

Hit the 10,000 words, and submit your story for a chance to win $100. Nothing gets those creative juices flowing like competition and a deadline; nothing motivates like a cash reward. Happy Writing!

Submit Your Story



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