Rot-Gut – W. Forneisi

“Terrance, I done told you to lay off that rot-gut.” “It ain't rot-gut, ma, it's just whiskey.” Terrance never was too bright, and when his ma told him it was rot-gut, he should have just believed it was rot-gut. A kid can't go around second-guessing his ma too long, 'fore something bad happens and he … Continue reading Rot-Gut – W. Forneisi


Journal Entry From a Lady’s Maid

I have worked for Lady Cora for ten years, but today I saw something dark. The lady is into mischief and witchcraft. It was not surprising to me to find parts of animals and vials of blood in her chambers. However, when I went to change the sheets today I almost slipped on the crimson … Continue reading Journal Entry From a Lady’s Maid

The Subtle Hell of Drug Dependence – R. Billings

My crusty eyes open. I did not dream. I am anxious. I feel psychotic. Things would be easier if I just commit suicide. The alarm is blaring. Its 4:15 AM and the opiate withdrawal clock is ticking. First things first. I text my using partner in crime. “U awake?” I stare at my phone, waiting … Continue reading The Subtle Hell of Drug Dependence – R. Billings