Red by Morrow, Vesper’s Sorrow

We buried Prudence under the oak tree a week after we found her. Sunday morning came hot and arid, and Gregory approached the yard to let us know the morgue was done. A wine-stained tablecloth was all we had on hand when the time came, so we climbed onto his mule cart and made our … Continue reading Red by Morrow, Vesper’s Sorrow


Dried Roses

Hung downwards, from the rail in the wardrobe, my wife’s fresh-faced flowers hid behind her wedding veil. A tradition we learned from her grandmother. Our ‘something old’, to decorate our table in future anniversaries. “They dry prettier in the dark,” she murred as she latched the shutter closed. That first year she still saturated our … Continue reading Dried Roses

Dialogue Loop 3

“Well what would you suggest?” “I’m not suggesting anything.” “But you don’t like my idea?” “I’ve certainly liked other ideas better.” “Like what?” “Well, the Trojans once thought they should bring a Greek gift into their city.” “That was a terrible idea.” “Yes, but it’s relative. It was pretty bad, I’m not arguing with that. … Continue reading Dialogue Loop 3