Thud – J. Powell

His ears rang as he began to fall backwards, anticipating the comforting embrace that only a warm bed can provide. He fought the dark thoughts that had been creeping in his mind again lately. You can beat it he thought to himself. You are better than this. He almost said it out loud. But the … Continue reading Thud – J. Powell


The Poet’s Dream – G. Rudolph

The artist sat at his desk, determined to emote his thoughts onto paper. After moments of reflection and a few snifters of cheap whiskey, inspiration struck the young poet, and Cameron Dietz lowered his pen to the notebook before him. He ignored the doodles in the margins of appreciated scenes from the past and began … Continue reading The Poet’s Dream – G. Rudolph

Another Dark and Stormy Night – P. LaBrea

I stepped out into the driving rain and pulled my oil-skin tightly around my neck and up to my cheeks. Not those cheeks, you sicko – the oil-skin was not nearly that long. Anyhow, I swaddled myself right up and headed down the street to Limpy's Place, late for my traditional nightly meeting with my brother Pat. … Continue reading Another Dark and Stormy Night – P. LaBrea